3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Motion capture and Stereoscopy

3D ANIMATION: Animate the creativity.

When you need to show a more beautiful imaginary world, 3D Animations offers the right solution. The artistic creations in 3D make anything possible, beyond any physical limit. The only limit is given by what we are able to imagine. 3D Animations have conquered all forms of commercials, from sports to medicine, from design to cinema. Just to name a few. At Studio FX, we are experts at providing solutions in all fields of 3D production. From creating an idea from scratch, to its realization: Modeling, Texturing, Set-up Scenes, Animations, Rendering. To express the maximal evocative or imaginary potential of your visual communication.


Why is choosing 3D Modeling more advantageous than creating a film or photographs?

Because the point of shooting in reality has physical limits, while 3D Modeling goes beyond these limits. We can show anything, flying out through it from within and the other way around, or in panoramic mode.

Because when shooting outdoor videos, to make a panoramic live shot of an area from the sky, you need a helicopter. While in digital 3D modeling, the video shooting can be put with great ease at any point and angle, something impossible and too expensive in reality.

Because showing a section of a particular object may be impossible, while in 3D Modeling we can show it from inside, or sectioned in any point.

Because in video shoots what is being shot is partially destroyed almost every time, in disorder, or just not pretty, and video retouching is one of the most expensive procedures. On the other hand, in 3D Modeling we can remove or add anything, create or recreate with greater beauty, utility, or advantage.

What can be created in 3D?

Anything the mind can imagine. Just to make an example, all the things that exist or have existed (like historic buildings and monuments, any existing or lost work of art), technical drawings (blueprints), photographs, imaginary projects such as cartoons, or such that do not yet exist (prototypes, sketches, previews, demos), animated or unanimated, organic or inorganic.

We create, through digital modeling; real visualizations in 3 dimensions, enriched with all the details that make it appear real. Because the mind is attracted by beauty that can be seen clearly.

Motion capture

What is Motion Capture?

Motion Capture, Motion Tracking, and Mocap are terms utilized to describe the digital registration of natural movements. This data is utilized to animate 3D models. This technology is able to capture data of the whole body movement: including fingers and facial data.
Advantages of the Motion capture system.

In the traditional 3D key frame-based animation system, the production times are very long and troublesome. For only the simplest animation, a month of work may be necessary. With Motion Capture it is possible to create animations even in real time, lowering drastically the costs and time of production.

Our Motion Capture services.

STUDIO FX is the official reseller and EU and EASTERN EUROPE Certified PhaseSpace System Trainer


What is stereoscopy?

There are many technologies called 3D. The majority convert 2D images to 3D. But a technology that can really be called 3D is the stereoscopical visualization, also called stereoscopy.
How does it work? To have a real perception of tridimensional objects in depth, the source image has to be registered by two or more synchronized cameras. Therefore, the scene is generated from multiple positions.


The Television and Cinema have been bidimensional, but our perception in everyday life is tridimensional (stereoscopic).

The experience of the users with bidimensional media can offer an intense enough emotional immersion. Stereoscopy amplifies the intenseness because it brings us into the scene, or brings the scene towards us.

STUDIO FX is expert in the production of stereoscopy in 3D Animations.