Our work

See some of our projects below.

    Client: Internal. Our Showreel. It contains most of our 3D projects from far back 2006 to present day.

    Industry: /

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  • Cinetech italiana Srl Website

    Client: Cinetech italiana Srl

    Industry: Technology

    Services: Design, Development, Branding

    Link: http://www.cinetech.it/

  • Luka Koper: National Spatial Plan

    Client: 3D Modeling and 3D Animation for the presentation of the project of the new port of Koper. We developed all the architecture, vegetation, sea in motion, residences in the vicinity of the port, streets, premises of the port, cranes, all vehicles, supplies, containers, terminals for livestock, animals, and example of personnel at work.

    Industry: Port and logistics

    Services: Video, 3D  Design, Audio, Design

  • FerroLuce s.r.l. photo session

    Client: FerroLuce s.r.l.

    Industry: Technology

    Services: Photo session

  • Academy of Psychosynthesis

    Client:Academy of Psychosynthesis

    Industry: Education

    Services: Design, Development, Branding

    Link: http://www.akademija-psihosinteza.org/

  • PR Studio Ribica

    Client: PR Studio Ribica d.o.o.

    Industry: Public relations (PR) is a field concerned with maintaining a public image for businesses, non-profit organizations or high-profile people

    Services: Design, Development, Branding